October 29th, 2012 at 10:05 am by LEE VING

The FEAR Record out 11/6 via The End Records Record Release Party



Agent Orange


House of Blues Hollywood


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One Response to “The FEAR Record Record Release Party @House of Blues 11/28”

  1. Spike Nyx says:

    People talkin shit about this release a lot ,fuck them!
    All these a-hole talkin shit about this release,tools…I would hate to see what kinda bullshit all these “old school punk rockers” listen to now a days. I thought the album was perfection both times. It was the first punk record I ever bought when it first came out in 82. BTW fuck everybody that gave up on punk because of shitty bands or the media or whatever.You ain’t punk suburban slaves you never were.FEAR,ADOLESCENTS,SUBHUMANS,D.I., 45 GRAVE tour and all of sudden its cool again.At least some us stayed in bands and kept this shit goin…. Spike Nyx age 43 -Goddamn and the DoorSlams,Slug,The Devilings

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